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Our goal at Utility Systems, as a socially responsible company, is to facilitate cost-effective water management, to support increasing demand, and to meet the needs of the end-user efficiently. While our products are innovative, and encompass the most modern advanced metering capabilities, they were developed out of a drive to manage and conserve water. As we charge further into the 21st century, water is displacing oil as the greatest resource challenge and scarcity of water is now a global problem.

In alleviating the global water crisis, sourcing and implementing technologies such as the various Utility Systems WMDs is a move in the right direction. Most affected are rural people who are exposed to under-developed water infrastructure, high vulnerability to short- and long- term drought, and difficult access to reliable water supplies. Our WMDs have been designed to provide water to individual households, reducing water wastage, and enabling previously disadvantaged communities to have local access to water. We all have a right to a basic water supply. No one must be denied this right, even if they cannot afford to pay for it. From a South African viewpoint, free basic water, especially for indigent residents, is a national government policy, but it can only be implemented by local government.

In terms of the Water Services Act 108 of 1997, provision was made for those people who cannot afford to pay for a basic water supply. This free basic water policy, which clearly targets the poor, is built on that legal provision. The number of South Africans who are able to enjoy a basic amount of free and safe water per household per month has certainly risen, as more local authorities implement the policy and utilise the Utility Systems WMDs. Our products have been designed with the end-user in mind, and as more infrastructure is provided by the government, the implementation of our cost-effective WMDs will become more prominent.