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Bulk Water Management and
Prepaid Metering

Based on our highly successful water management device (WMD), the Utility Systems Bulk WMD provides a large bore water management and prepaid metering solution.

When connected to an approved pulse output meter and latching valve, the Utility Systems Bulk WMD is able to perform a number of water management and metering functions, including those associated with prepaid metering and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Bulk Water Management Device (Bulk WMD)

Utility Systems has integrated the control unit from its highly successful WMD into larger valves, delivering solutions for bulk and prepaid water management.

The Bulk Water Metering solution is for the management of bulk water supply for customers using larger bore meters, such as zonal meters in both suburban areas and housing estates, schools, offices, factories and state departments up to 50mm.

When linked to a pulse output meter, it enables:

  • The option for prepayment metering
  • AMI through automated meter reading, data capture and meter control functionality
  • Leak and tamper detection
  • Management of problematic customers

The Bulk WMD can be configured to*:

  • Dispense a fixed daily quantity of water at full pressure, providing the ability to limit a customer to a pre-agreed level of supply
  • Provide prepaid water, or a combination of prepayment and a fixed daily allocation
  • Dispense a free daily or monthly quantity of water
  • Provide automated meter readings via radio signal to a Utility Systems fixed or mobile data collector

*When used in conjunction with an approved pulse output meter and latching valve.

Prepayment vending

The Bulk WMD is based on the Utility Systems WMD, which is International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62055/Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Association-approved, and can be supplied as part of a prepaid metering solution.

The Utility Systems open architecture approach means customers are not locked into a proprietary token-based system. Water service providers acquiring our products are able to choose the prepayment vending option that best suits their needs.

  • A system based on IEC 62055/STS Association specification
  • Allows for third party, non-proprietary vending infrastructure
  • Provides the consumer with control over their specific bulk water needs

Benefits to the service provider

  • Advanced data-logging functionality to record consumption, detect leaks, enable load profiling and aid in dispute resolution
  • Accurate zoned water balancing when used with our standard domestic WMDs, using time-synchronised meter readings
  • The AMI option allows:
    • Parameter configuration and data collection via radio link
    • Efficient disconnection/reconnection of supply when used as a consumer connection
    • No proprietary billing system is required. Meter readings are available in a simple .csv format. This means that data collected by the fixed or mobile data collector can be seamlessly integrated into most existing utility and municipal billing systems
    • In-field programming, testing and interrogation using the Utility Systems field service terminal
    • Allows for the management of problematic customers


  • Two configurable daily opening times and open duration
  • Volume and/or time-based water management
  • Supplied to order and can be configured in the field or stores
  • Configurable consumption logging
  • Can be set to indefinite daily/monthly carry-over
  • Incorporates tamper-proof measures
  • Individual customer leak detection
  • Prepaid metering option
  • AMI option
  • Advanced data-logging features

Technical specifications:

  • Compatible with approved pulse output enabled water meters
  • Compatible with approved latching valve
  • IP68 compliant
  • Infrared communications interface
  • Radio frequency ISM band
  • Data-logging intervals can be recorded down to a one second interval
  • Battery life: 10-year (estimated dependent on use)
  • Above/below ground installation