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Next generation advanced metering infrastructure technology

The Utility Systems utiliMeter is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) enabled device which offers bi-directionally communication in near real time. This allows remote control, configuration and management of any utiliMeter on a fixed network, located anywhere, via the cloud or over a local private network (APN).

With in-field replaceable battery pack.

This smart water management solution comprises of several components:

  • utiliMeter – Smart water management device
  • utiliHub – A data concentrator
  • Application Programming Interface (API) – A cloud based backend system for managing communication to and from the utiliHub
  • A datastore for storing, analysing and communicating data
  • utiliPort – A web interface for administering the backend system and data store
  • Applications:
    • utiliApp – Consumer App
    • utiliRead – Mobile data collector App
    • utiliPro – Field service App

The utiliMeter can provide

  • Free basic water
  • STS prepaid water metering
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Emergency and lifeline water
  • Leak and tamper detection

Benefits to the service provider/Municipality:

  • Radio Frequency: either 433 or 868 MHz ISM band
  • User-friendly mobile data collector app
  • User-friendly field service app
  • Mounting can be vertical or horizontal
  • Above or below ground installation
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Operating range at ambient temperature from -10°c to 60°c
  • Accurate water balancing across a zone using synchronised meter readings In-field programming, testing, and interrogation
  • Battery life:
    • 433 RF: up to 10 years dependant on use – with replaceable battery pack
    • 868 RF: up to 5 years dependant on use – with replaceable battery pack

Benefits to the consumer:

  • Consumers can budget their daily or monthly consumption
  • Daily or monthly carry-over where service providers allow it
  • Accumulation of unused daily allowance, which encourages responsible water usage
  • User-friendly app

Consumer App:

  • View meter profile charts and usage data
  • Exception alerting: tamper, low credit, leak, faults and more
  • Loading of prepaid tokens
  • Remote valve control (on/off)

Mobile Data Collector App:

  • Load a route map from local CSV file or via the cloud
  • Read meters on journey and record basic usage
  • View which meters had faults and which were not read
  • Navigate to meters via google maps/directions
  • Capture a newly installed meter with geo-tagging
  • iOS and Windows versions to be released in 2017

Field Service App

  • WMD configuration
  • Valve test
  • View Profiles
  • View Configuration Data
  • Administrative functions

This application communicates with the utiliMeter by the following methods:

  • API communication directly to the utiliHub over an APN
  • API communication via USC Cloud
  • USB RF probe
  • Bluetooth® enabled

Significantly reduce the time it takes to get meaningful data such as tamper, leaks and meter readings back to the municipality