Utility Systems launches next generation AMI Water Management Device

Utility Systems, a MICROmega Group Company, revealed next-generation technology this week with the global launch of the utiliMeter, an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) enabled water management device. When coupled to a traditional water meter, the utiliMeter provides a Standard Transfer Specification (STS) approved smart prepaid water metering solution. The AMI functionality allows for remote control, configuration and management of any utiliMeter on a fixed network, located anywhere, via the cloud or over a local private network (APN).

The growing concern about water scarcity is accelerating the need for smart water metering. The utiliMeter addresses the need for data that allows rapid response to leaks, tamper and other exceptions along with the desire for prepaid, post-paid, flat rate and flow limitation water metering. “Data collected is more comprehensive, enabling both water service providers and consumers to better understand their water consumption levels and patterns and prepare for the future,” said Utility Systems Managing Director Peter Rodseth. “We are proud to be at the cutting-edge of technology with this solution.”

“Water management is taken to a new level with this product, creating a more intelligent way to manage water,” said Greg Morris, CEO of MICROmega Holding Limited. “This product delivers a method for water utilities to provide accurate billing, based on data emanating from the smart meter, removing the need for estimated consumption billing.”

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