The installation of 3,400 prepaid water metering solutions in the Alfred Nzo District

A project spanning from January 2016 - September 2016.

Group partner, Inzalo EMS was appointed by Alfred Nzo District municipality, to implement a solution with the ultimate purpose of maximising the municipality’s revenue collection and management processes.

Having completed the initial part of the project in Cedarville, Matatiele was selected for the installation of 3,400 prepaid water meters. Inzalo EMS facilitated the following functions

  • Stand/water meter audit
  • Installation of prepaid water meters
  • Assisting with cash management.

After completing an audit of the town, Inzalo EMS made the following findings:

  • The water infrastructure consisted predominantly of straight pipes with bypassed water meters
  • the majority of properties were unmetered
  • the town’s  reservoirs had limited water reserves, which were insufficicent to service the entire town at the same time, This required sectional water-shedding and long periods of time with no supply due to insufficient supply
  • the District’s limited ability to enforce credit control, meant that they were unable to recover costs associated with water usage.

The metering solution acquired for the project consisted of the Mk3 WMD with the normal C class Volumetric Amanzi meter.

A total of 3,595  prepaid water metering solutions were installed in the town, with roll-out between February 2016, and 31 August 2016.

Prior to the installation of the meters, the municipality had seen consistent revenue collection less that R40,000 per month. The installation of the prepaid meters saw an exponential increase in revenue registration to approximately R160,000 per month.

Upon completion of the project, Alfred Nzo District Municipality received the following benefits in Matatiele:

  • Decrease in water wastage and water loss
  • Increase in cash collection
  • Increase in water storage
  • Increase in water pressure in towns.