Our Culture

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    Partnership – We believe in strengthening our strategic partnerships for greater impact
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    Respect – Respecting the values and beliefs of all people
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    Integrity – Honouring the commitments we make with our stakeholders

Our Commitment

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    Innovation – Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to pursue new technologies
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    Empowerment – We endeavour to continuously empower previously disadvantaged groups
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    Customer Service – 24/7, 365 days a year, we are always available for our customers

Our Mission

Producing innovative water management systems to ensure our customers have the best technology available to meet the needs of the communities they serve – through encouraging the responsible use and preservation of water, a scarce resource.

Through passion, respect, integrity and commitment to quality, we deliver world-class solutions to benefit all.

Our Vision

To give every global community access to clean potable water.

our values


These values are our culture, are ingrained in our demeanour and give us our purpose.