Prepaid water metering


Free basic water metering


Bulk water metering



Water Management Device (WMD)

The WMD is the original remote communicating electronic water control valve and Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Association approved prepayment water management device. READ MORE


The Aquadata automated meter reader is a intelligent device that enables utilities to remotely read and monitor the metered consumption of water. READ MORE

Field Service Terminal (FST)

The Utility Systems FST is a software package designed for use with the WMD, Aquadata and Bulk WMD electronic water controllers. READ MORE

User Interface Unit (UIU)

The UIU is a remote display unit mounted inside the home which interacts with the WMD, Bulk WMD and Aquadata, which are generally installed in a meter box outside a consumer’s home.

Mobile Data Collector (MDC)

This device is used to collect data from Utility Systems products. It is a mobile device that is carried by a meter reader or installed in a vehicle and is the basis of the AMR system.

Fixed Data Collector (FDC)

This device is used for the same purpose as the MDC, but in a fixed network application. The Utility Systems FDC is a robust, weather-proof unit that can be wall or pole mounted.


The utiliHub is an API-defined aggregator, managing data communication between WMDs and Utility Systems’ backend AMI platform

Radio Frequency Probe

The RF Probe is used to communicate with the WMD using a wireless connection to read and configure the device.

Infrared Probe

The IR Probe is used to communicate with the WMD using an infrared port on the WMD to read and configure the device.


This app is designed for data collection. A meter reader is able to capture newly installed meters, load a route map and read meter on a specific journey. Faults and unread meters will be highlighted.


Used to configure a device, test valves, view profiles and configuration data. This app serves as a field service administrative tool.