Effectively track and manage water consumption

internet of things

Innovative and Adaptable Solutions for Smart Water Management

Inzalo Utility Systems has a strong team of pioneering engineers and industry experts with a clear focus on technological innovation. Through our partnerships with global industry leaders, Inzalo Utility Systems is geared to launch our IoT enabled AquaFlow and AquaData: a next generation water management device that connects and communicates directly with the cloud. Designed to wirelessly transmit data to municipalities or water service provider databases, as well as receive commands remotely.

Our AquaData is the next-generation of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solutions. It is designed to transmit data to water service providers and municipalities via SigFox’s secure Cloud-based platform, allowing for the automatic update of billing systems and reports.

The solution enables the measurement of bulk water and facilitates flow management via an intelligent shut-off valve, when used in conjunction with downstream AquaFlow devices,  and accurate water balancing can be achieved.

The ability to use either SigFox or LoRa to transmit data, means that these solutions are adaptable to more geographical areas.

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