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Our prepaid water metering system

Currently commanding around 90% of the electronic flow limitation market in the SADC region, our prepaid water metering system was the first to be approved by the STS Association. Inzalo Utility System products can also be used in conjunction with a variety of meters and housings to suit market-specific requirements.

Our prepaid water metering solution boasts an open architecture system complying with IEC standards (IEC 692055-41 and 62055-51), giving our clients a level of flexibility in their choice of vending partner. Through our partnership with global industry leaders, such as Sigfox, Inzalo is geared to launch their IoT enabled AquaFlow: a next generation water management device that facilitated true bi-directional communication between the device and cloud.

prepaid water meter
  • prepaid-water-metering
    Prepaid Water Metering

  • bulk-water-metering
    Bulk Water Metering

  • water-management-dvice
    Water Management Device

  • aquadata

  • field-service-terminal
    Field Service Terminal (FST)

  • radio-frequency-probe-1
    Radio Frequency Probe

  • infrared-probe
    Infrared Probe

  • user-interface-unit
    User Interface Unit (UIU)