South Africa


Small Step, Big Change

While SMEs may not have the capital to invest in large scale energy saving projects, they can implement measures that are more modest yet still worthwhile. Satellite images of the Earth at night tell a story of...


5 considerations for water utilities wanting to go ‘smart’

According to the UN’s water agency, UN-Water, two billion people worldwide live in countries that experience high water stress. Driven by the need to improve operational efficiencies and revenues, cut dow...


5 things you need to know about prepaid water

You already know that we live in a water-stressed country, receiving an annual rainfall of 492mm, while the rest of the earth receives 985mm. This is according to Marcus Thulsidas, Director: Business Developmen...


Are prepaid systems the solution to sustainable water management?

Unless there is a drastic overhaul in water planning and conservation in South Africa, demand for this critical, but scarce, resource will surpass supply by 2020. According to the WWF, 98% of the country’...


Drip Effect

BY HENRIETTA ROSE INNES – African Decisions Innovative solutions are being developed for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective sanitation while saving water too. When ferocious drought caused the City...


ENCA – October 2017

Utility Systems’ water management devices being used to help combat the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa.


South Africa needs a water-conscious, water-smart approach to mitigating looming water deficit

A new report ‘Scenarios for the future of water South Africa’ has revealed how the drought-stricken, water-scarce country needs to transition towards a water-conscious, water smart economy with stro...


In memory of Joost van der Westhuizen

Today the Utility Systems team wore their green and gold Springbok jerseys in memory of one of South Africa’s greatest rugby players, Joost van der Westhuizen.