Water Management Device lite (WMDlite)

The WMDlite is a low-cost solution for the management of basic water supply for domestic consumers. When linked to a pulse output water meter, the Utility Systems WMDlite can be configured through a Field Service Terminal (FST) to provide varying levels of water services. These include:

  • Free basic water
  • Emergency water
  • Electronic Bailiff Unit (EBU) functionality
  • Lifeline water


The WMDlite can be configured to:

  • Dispense between 10 – 50 000 litres of water, up to two scheduled times daily, thereby providing the ability to limit a consumer to a finite (or negotiated) level of supply. This is especially useful in the case of low-income consumers who may never be able to afford to pay for water, but nonetheless, have the right to be provided with at least a basic level of service.
  • Facilitates budgeting not only by the individual consumer, but by social service agencies, government departments, and NGOs.

Benefits to the service provider:

  • Low cost of acquisition
  • Prevents wastage and loss of potable water
  • Capital recovery within months by curbing water wastage
  • Battery life: approximately 5 years dependent on use
  • Limits usage of water by problematic or indigent consumers
  • Contributes to drought relief efforts

Benefits to the consumer:

  • Consumers can control their daily or monthly consumption
  • Daily or monthly carry-over where service providers allow it